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I didn't have a friend with me, so I ended up trying to control both sides myself, haha! I think some fine-tuning on speed would really improve this game. Player Red won.  I didn't know who player Red was until this announcement! They both look the same to me. I don't know if you intended to give them different colors or something, but that would have helped. Uh, I also had a weird bug where the ball just hovered in the middle of the screen and floated from left to right between the two characters until I hit it at a weird angle with an arm. I think this game is neat, and I think it'd benefit a lot from just a little more polish and playtesting.

It looks pretty fun... but I have no friends on hand so I can't confirm if it is a good game but it looks like it would be fun. Good game I will enjoy playing it when I have a friend.  

I really wanted to like this. The idea is great. It doesn't play well. Mostly the ball is just too bouncy, although also the characters are maybe too slow. Like, I want to be able to intercept the ball with the arm, right? But the ball moves so much faster that it just bounces around until it lands somewhere. I played alone, I played with my kid, it didn't seem to matter what we did, the ball bounced around and went where it wanted to go. Needs tuning. Could probably be made a lot of fun with relatively small changes.

Thanks. My original intent was to have the ball speed up and make the game more tense. But looking back, it just makes the game to chaotic. As for the characters, I wanted them to have wacky kind of slippery movement. But again, it just doesn’t work too well. Thanks for the feedback :)

I didn't have a person I could play this with, but I do have two hands, so I had fun trying to see how long I could volley back and forth for. The answer? Not all that long. I'm bad at games. One thing that I noticed was that if the ball was moving fast enough, it would occasionally seem like it would clip through the player's arm. Regardless, I had fun. I'm going to have to corner someone to play this with sometime.

That’s good to hear! I’m going to slow down the ball a bit so the ball clipping thing won’t be much of an issue.

So the idea behind this is something like QWOP volleyball?
Hard to test local multiplayer alone, but it could be a lot of fun.

I haven’t played QWOP but I know it’s known for its difficulty. So if that’s what your implying then no. The idea for this game was to make something simple and fun that could be expanded upon greatly.

I don't have a friend to play this with, and the winning screen said that the blue side one, even when both sides were red.

yeah that was a goof up on my part. Sorry!

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I likey didnt try with a friend but i can imagine it can be quite fun! :D The movement is a bit slippery but other then that its a ok :)

You should be really proud of your work! :)

Originally it was my intent to make the movement wacky and slippery but in hindsight I agree that it’s annoying

Okay, this is really cool!